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Your professor of medicine has challenged you to identify the pathological Q-waves and ST-segment elevations associated with the tracing below. The patient is a 48 year old male with chest pain----(click on the best answer, then click on "submit answer").
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #230)
A.....Q-waves noted in Leads II, III, avF (probable inferior MI--indeterminate age)
B.....Small Q-waves noted in Leads II, III, avF (probable normal variant)
C.....Diffuse ST-elevations catenary shaped--most likely a benign normal variant (early repolarization)
D.....Diffuse ST-elevations of an acute ST-elevation MI (Inferoanterolateral)---Thrombolytics would be indicated ( if no contraindications)
E.....T-wave inversion in Lead avR suggestive of non-ST elevation right ventricular MI (this finding would suggest a need for a right precordial tracing)
F.....QT interval prolongation ( a good rule-of-thumb is that----- prolongation is present if the QT is less than 1/2 the RR-interval). This applies only if the rate is normal.
G.....The small Q-waves in Leads V4,V5,V6 and the associated ST-elevations are suggestive of an acute ST-elevation Lateral MI , This is especially probable since Lead V4 demonstrates J-point elevation.
H.....A, D, and E only
I.....B and C only
J.....B, D, and E only.
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