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The 41 yo male below presents to your fire department with chest heaviness. The computer interpretation states "there are non-specific ST-T changes". Do you agree with the computer?....... (choose the best answer, then click on "submit answer").
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #235)
A.... Late transition
B.... Non-specific ST-T changes. Reassure the patient that his discomfort is heartburn, and he simply needs to take an antacid........ If he gets relief, he does not need to consult with a physician.
C.... Benign normal variant (Early Repolarization) {manifested only in Leads II,III,aVF}
D.... LVH with ST-T changes (strain)
E.... Acute Inferior MI (STEMI). Remember the PEARL : In the absence of the LVH and LBBB, ST elevation in the associated Leads with ST depressions in the reciprocal Leads is virtually diagnostic of the acute STEMI.
F.... Acute high-lateral MI (STEMI)
G....Thrombolytics should be administered or patient taken to cardiac cath lab(if no contraindications and clinically indicated)
H.... E and G only
I.....ST depressions in the lateral, highlateral, and anterior Leads are most likely ST -T changes of an LVH pattern (atypical strain)
J.....D and I only
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