12 Lead ECG Interpretation Course by Dr. Vernon Stanley Course Overview
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Tracing #10    [ Scroll down to submit answer ]
It is 3:00 AM and you are the hospitalist at a 120 bed hospital in Waterville, ME, USA, The ED physician has asked for your opinion regarding a patient with chest pain........(click on the circle preceding the best answer, then click on "submit answer").
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #10)
A.....Sinus arrhythmia.
B.....The underlying rhythm is Atrial Fibrillation with moderate ventricular response.
C.....A common septuagenarian normal variant.
D.....Diffuse T-wave inversion consistent with myocardial ischemia or may be an acute non-ST-elevation MI . You must correlate clinically and compare with the old 12-Lead tracing.
E.....LVH with ST-T changes (strain). This may be a chronic pattern (you will more nearly know when you compare with the old 12-Lead tracing).
F.....If no contraindications, (primarily based on cardiographic findings) you should administer thrombolytics.
G.....Early transition.
H.....B, D, and F only.
I.....B, D, and E only.
J.....B, E, and F only.
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