12 Lead ECG Interpretation Course by Dr. Vernon Stanley Course Overview
FREE 12-Lead ECG Interpretation Tracing of the Week
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Your medical school professor has challenged you to interpret the tracing below and advise treatment. There is no old tracing for comparison.........(click on the circle preceding the best answer, then click on "submit answer").
Tracing of the Week (Tracing #7)
A.....Peaked T-waves in leads V1,V2,V3,V4---{Hyperacute T-waves of an Acute ST elevation MI (anteroseptal)}
B....Based on the ECG changes, you would order thrombolytics be given or transfer directly to cardiac cath lab(assuming no contraindications or against the policy of your hospital)
C.....The rhythm is second degree AV block (probably Mobitz II)
D.....Probable right atrial enlargement
E.....Probable left atrial enlargement
F.....Atypical WPW (negative Delta wave noted in Lead III)
G.....Wide Q-wave in Lead III , most certainly reflects an inferior MI (probably old)
H.....ST- segment elevation Lead avR (coving ) ,diagnostic of the acute RV MI.
I.....None of the above
J.....A and B only
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