STEMI Mimics Review Course

Course Content:  This course is broken down into 4 Modules as follows:

  1.  The Normal ECG and Classic STEMI Patterns (Pre-test)
  2.  STEMI Mimics (w/ Quiz 2)
  3.  Miscellaneous (w/ Quiz 3)
  4.  STEMI Quick Recognition Review (Post-test)

Please note, this course is stand-alone but is not designed to be a comprehensive coverage of 12-lead ECG interpretation.  It is an ECG review course, ideal for follow up after the 50 Case Study Course.

Important technical details:

  • You will not be allowed to skip over online pages or quizzes.  The course is designed to require each topic or online page to be covered before moving to the next topic
  • Throughout the course, you will be prompted to click on the “MARK COMPLETE”, green button found at the bottom of each topic or online page.

Click on “Module 1” link below to begin.

Course Content

Modules Status

STEMI Review, Module 1: Normal ECG & Classic STEMI Review


STEMI Review, Module 2: STEMI Mimics


STEMI Review, Module 3: Miscellaneous


STEMI Review, Module 4: ECG STEMI Recognition Workshop