STEMI Mimics Review Course

Course Content:  This course is broken down into 4 Modules as follows:

  1.  The Normal ECG and Classic STEMI Patterns (Pre-test)
  2.  STEMI Mimics (w/ Quiz 2)
  3.  Miscellaneous (w/ Quiz 3)
  4.  STEMI Quick Recognition Review (Post-test)

Please note, this course is stand-alone but is not designed to be a comprehensive coverage of 12-lead ECG interpretation.  It is an ECG review course, ideal for follow up after the 50 Case Study Course.

Important technical details:

  • To navigate throughout the course, you will be prompted to click on the “MARK COMPLETE”, pink & white button found at the bottom of each topic or online page.

Click on “Module 1” link below to begin.

Course Content

Modules Status

STEMI Review, Module 1: Normal ECG & Classic STEMI Review


STEMI Review, Module 2: STEMI Mimics


STEMI Review, Module 3: Miscellaneous


STEMI Review, Module 4: ECG STEMI Recognition Workshop