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ACLS Prep Course (3 Hrs CME)


The online-only version of our popular Animated Rhythms Course (6 hrs Cat I CME/CE), the ACLS Prep Course (3 hrs Cat I CME/CE) is best described as a “crash course” in rhythm interpretation.  It is most recommended for those preparing to sit for ACLS in class or online, either certification or recertification.

Course Level: Basic/Introductory

  • The course contains 26 video animations correlating electrical activity in the heart with the resultant waveform.  Optional supplemental audio files for each rhythm.
  • 3 Hours Cat I CME
  • Exclusively Online
  • 120-days Online Access
  • Please note: course may be viewed on mobile phone, but best viewed on tablet or PC/laptop.

For a more in-depth study of rhythms, we recommend the Animated Rhythms Course (6 hours Cat I CME/CE)


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Course Outline
Course Outline


Considered a “crash course” in Rhythms interpretation, the ACLS Prep was designed for the provider needing a quick refresher on rhythm recognition before sitting for their in-class or online ACLS certification/recertification course.

This course is exclusively online and covers 26 of the most commonly encountered rhythms in the practice of medicine.  Videos provided for each rhythm, correlate electrical activity in the heart with the resultant waveform.

3 Hours Cat I CME/CE



No Materials.  Exclusively online.



None at this time.



No materials.  Exclusively online.


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“Excellent! Recommend for all nurses and practitioners!”

J. Cottrill, RN

“Through taking ACLS and now being an [ACLS] instructor… the biggest problem I notice is students not knowing rhythms… If you can’t recognize your rhythm, you aren’t going to know which algorithm to start… The [course] is superb at showing the physiology behind each rhythm in a step-wise fashion.”

C. Conard, DO Student

“It was great to be able to go through at my own pace. I also liked that you could go back and review each Module at any time instead of just going through a Module only once.”

L.A. Nash, PA-S

“I have been pleased from the start. Your staff has been very helpful… response time was extremely quick. I’m very happy with my entire experience… and have recommended other coworkers too. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

S. Melancon, Telemetry Tech


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