12-Lead ECG Interpretation Course


This comprehensive course covers 12-lead ECG Interpretation from normal pattern to LBBB, RBBB, WPW, LVH, STEMI and Non-STEMI patterns.  Scroll down to get more detailed information on content, materials, discounts and more.

COURSE LEVEL: Intermediate to advanced
  • 12-lead Textbook | 12-lead Workbook | Tracings Manual | HEART Ruler Laminated Pocket Guide
  • 1-Year Online Access
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Course Outline
Course Outline

Course Outline:

The 12-lead ECG Course is a 30-hour comprehensive course. For rhythms coverage, we recommend the Animated Rhythms Course. It is recommended that, if time permits, the participant read the first 129 pages of the Textbook (12-lead ECG Interpretation for the Medical Personnel) before beginning the online portion of the 12-lead Course. This will aid in the approach which Dr. Stanley takes to the interpretation of the 12-lead ECG.

Module 1: The Normal ECG

  • Anatomy and physiology of the normal heart

  • The special electrical conduction tissue

  • Intervals and their Normal Range

  • Attachment of the Leads

  • VectorConcepts

  • Predicting the waveshape of the Normal 12-Lead ECG

  • Characteristic of the T-wave

  • Homework Exercises

Module 2: Classic Patterns of LVH, LBBB, RBBB, LAFB, WPW

Module 3: The Acute MI & Ischemia Pattern

Module 4: Waveshape Distortion due to LBBB and LVH

Module 5: When One Tracing is Not Enough

Module 6: The Ubiquitous Q-wave

Module 7: The Ubiquitous ST-elevation

Module 8: Ubiquitous ST-depression and T-wave inversion

Module 9: Using “HEART” Acronym | A systematic-analytical approach to ECG Interpretation

Module 10: The Comprehensive Final Exam


Student Assignments: 

• Textbook Pages 1-36 1H-10H, 56H-60H (Handbook found in back of text)

• Workbook Pages 1-6, 23-25 Interactive Coloring Page 2

• Practice Worksheet #1, Page 5

• You may opt to refer to additional reading assignments above pertaining to this module. NOTE: This reading assignment will refer to the written material (text and workbook) you received in the mail. The following will utilize the • Tracings Manual: Homework Sets #1 and # 2; Exercise Set #1



• 12-lead ECG Textbook

• 12-lead ECG Workbook

• HEART Ruler

• Tracings Manual (for online quizzes and tests)



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“12-lead ECG: This CME was very informative and detailed!  Great learning venue being online.  Final exam definitely thought-provoking, but well worth the 30 credit hours for the price.  Thanks for the intensive program.”

L. Lesher, NP

“I am a PA in cardiology and the course was wonderful. It cleared up a lot of questions I had about ST segment/T-wave abnormalities in the setting of RBBB, LBBB, LAFB, and LVH… Thank you.”

C. A. Castro, PA-C

“The course was comprehensive and detailed but not esoteric. It took on many of the difficulties encountered regularly in the interpretation of the 12- Lead ECG that causes confusion for medical students and seasoned attendees alike.”

C. Curtis, MD

“This course was an excellent refresher on 12-Lead ECG as well as providing new information. I now feel very confident providing this information to students. Well worth the money!”

N Reeves II, RN

“I learned EKG the first time in our cardio block but it went by so fast I had no idea what happened… using this online course really helped break it down… I feel confident that I can interpret an EKG in 12-Leads now.”

L Tang, DO Student

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