Anatomy of Skull to Brain Tissue Copy

. . Referring to Illustration 131 below,  I would like to make the following salient points :

a….. Dura …..fibrous connective tissue covering is firmly attached to the inner surface of skull. It covers the brain in a blanket-like manner and does not follow folds and fissures of the brain except the midline falx cerebri, cerebellum tentorium.

b….. Arachnoid …..membrane lying closely to but separated by a thin film of fluid from subdural space. Does not follow folds and fissures of brain except for falx and tentorium.

c….. Pia …..membrane that does follow sulci and gyri. Separated from arachnoid membrane by fibrous threads. [This subarachnoid space contains CSF and is the location of subarachnoid hemorrhage ].

d….. Epidural space … not a space proper but becomes a space in the acute epidural hemorrhage.

e….. Meninges definition …..the three layers 1) Dura 2) Arachnoid and 3) Pia.



Illustration 131 Anatomy of Skull to Brain Tissue