Boehler’s Angle < 20 Degrees Copy

Fractured Calcaneus

. . This radiograph demonstrates a Boehler’s angle of 15 o It is clearly true that a careful study of this calcaneus reveals a distortion of the body and dense impaction of the body that is highly suggestive of a fracture. This added to the history, physical examination and Boehler’s angle of 15 o ————–

Conclusion—–highly suspicious of fractured calcaneus



Illustration 109 Fractured Calcaneus………. (same X-Ray as Illustration 108)……….. showing Boehler’s angle


Please remember that the calcaneus fracture is often associated with other major injuries including Spine injury, intra-abdominal injuries, intra-thoracic injuries, head injury and great vessel injuries……

if these other injuries are detected, consult with the specialty of general surgery, neurosurgery, vascular surgery or transfer to a higher level trauma service. . . .


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