Most Common Sites of Mandible Fracture Copy


  •   Most common cause of injury is motor vehicle collision, sports injuries, and altercations.

  •   Most fractures occur in condyle, body, angle.

  •   Best diagnostic study is CT facial bones, otherwise plain film of facial bones or panorex.



Illustration 121 Most Common Sites of Mandible Fracture

. . . . Caution . . .

Be especially careful of the open mandible fracture regarding

1……Need for antibiotics to minimize risk of osteomyelitis.

2…..Be sensitive to risk of airway compromise due to hematoma— need CT scan of soft tissue of neck.

3…..Requires urgent consult with maxillofacial surgeon and admission or to OR or transfer to higher level center.. . .

Another common facial fracture is that of the maxilla. For classification of maxilla fractures

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