DSAE STEMI Review, Mod 2: The Ventricular Aneurysm & Quiz 2

Ventricular Aneurysm

Sometimes post MI, the patient may develop a ventricular aneurysm.  If this occurs, this might be reflected in the ECG as persisting ST elevations that mimic those of an acute STEMI.  The diagnosis is generally made by comparison with old ECGs, echocardiogram, cardiac cath or radiograph studies.

This is best shown by example in the two ECGs below:

Tracing A:  Old Tracing

Tracing B:  Same patient one year later

Please note the ST segment elevations (concave down, plateauing) in the inferolateral leads are present in the old tracing.  Review of the medical record revealed the patient had history of old MI and developed a ventricular aneurysm.

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