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This online X-Ray interpretation course fulfills a need of the practitioner of medicine for a fundamental knowledge of radiography no matter what his/her specialty. Because of limited time available in the curriculum and the instructor’s incomplete teaching file, X-Ray interpretation is often given inadequate coverage; when in fact it should be given more time since the X-Ray interpretation will be a daily challenge in the practice of medicine. The secret to X-Ray interpretation is in understanding a few principles of physics, image generation techniques and awareness of the color(shades of black and white) of various tissues of the human body. As in most areas of medicine, the key to X-Ray interpretation lies in exposure to vast numbers of images and the clinical correlation associated with these images. To this end, I have selected common X-Ray pathology that you will encounter in your practice with the ultimate goal of this being the primer upon which you can grow during the lifetime of your practice. The X-Rays and CT scans presented in this course were taken from my patient population and carefully chosen as examples of those disorders that you will encounter in your practice. This course is designed as a primer of radiography and is in no way presented as a comprehensive course on this topic..