Module 2: LBBB – Depolarization Wavefronts

Diagram #46: Depolarization Wavefronts of LBBB

·Please take note of the following time sequence of depolarization of the ventricles:

st the Septum is depolarized

nd the Right Ventricle is depolarized

rd the Left Ventricle is depolarized

Now take note of the direction of the respective wavefronts:

  • Septum – Leftward
  • Right Ventricle -Rightward
  • Left Ventricle – Leftward

Knowing this time sequence and their directions will allow you to predict the waveforms of the QRS complex as was done in the previous Module.   Using the same technique as in the previous Module we will predict the QRS to appear as follows (shown in Diagram #47).  For resultant waveform in Lead V 6…