Normal Calcaneus and Boehler’s Angle Copy

Normal Calcaneus (OsCalcis) and Boehler’s Angle

. . Boehler’s angle is commonly assessed when evaluating for calcaneal fractures. The angle demonstrated in the Illustration below is measured at the intersection of a line drawn between the posterior superior tuberosity to the highest point of the posterior articular facet – the other line drawn to the anterior process of the calcaneus.

The angle’s normal range is 25 o to 40 o



Illustration 107 A Normal Calcaneus (OsCalcis) and Boehler’s Angle

A direct compression injury to the calcaneus such as might occur from jumping from a height and landing on the heel will sometimes result in an impacted fracture to the calcaneus with a direct result of reducing the Boehler’s angle. Please click on


to see a radiograph of a calcaneus fracture ( Illustration 108 ). . . .

First let us look at an artist’s rendering of the normal calcaneus