Prominent Cisterna Magna Copy

. . The dark area cresent shaped ( posterior to the cerebellum ) is CSF and is the cisterna magna. This Prominent Cisterna Magna is usually a benign incidental finding and needs no treatment, however a workup might be indicated depending on the clinical correlation.


Illustration 148 Prominent Cisterna Magna

The next series of Illustrations will primarily address the topic of the evolutionary changes of the acute ischemic stroke.

For illustrative purposes I will show you the CT head of a patient at different time frames post thrombosis of the Left middle cerebral artery as follows :
1 hour post thrombosis
12 hours post thrombosis
1 week post thrombosis
3 months post thrombosis
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—————– First let me list a few PEARLS relating to the CVA including risk factors and treatment modes as follows—