Scaphoid Fracture Copy


·  Mechanism of injury is fall on outstretched hand.

·  Clinical suspect if tenderness of “anatomic snuff box”.

·  If suspected, ask for special scaphoid view. Illustration 75.

·  If the initial radiograph negative, repeat X-Ray in one week( if suspicious clinically).

·  Be aware that the scaphoid has poor vascular supply and the missed fracture might result in avascular necrosis and subsequent chronic pain and limited range of motion of the wrist.

·  The missed scaphoid fracture is common in the malpractice case.



Illustration 74 B Scaphoid Fracture

. . PEARL If you remain concerned because of clinical findings—

…..consider CT scan or

….. repeat plain film in 1 week ( this repeat film might then reveal a healing fracture ) or

….. get a scaphoid view. This is a special view with a focus on the broad surface of the scaphoid bone. .

See Illustration 75 for a scaphoid view of this same patient.