Tibial Plateau Fracture Copy


. . The tibial plateau is a critical weight bearing area located on the proximal tibia and is composed of a medial condyle and lateral condyle and separated by an intercondylar eminence. Typically the plateau fracture involves either or both of the condyles and possibly other soft tissue injuries involving ligaments or menisci. All tibial plateau fractures require urgent orthopedic consult frequently requiring surgical stabilization. The decision of operative verses non-operative treatment are based on such factors as clinical findings, risk of complications, fracture depression, injury to ligaments and menisci, vascular and neurological status.

Tibial plateau fractures are classified into six types — Type I – Type VI………. See Illustration 95


Illustration 94 Tibial Plateau Fracture

. .The next step workup of the injured knee will often include CT scan / MRI. . .

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