Animated ECG Rhythms Course

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The Animated ECG Rhythm Course includes 26 animated tutorials of the most commonly encountered rhythms in the daily practice of medicine.  This course is a great review course for ACLS and Board Prep!  (Please note full 12-lead is covered in the 12-lead ECG Course and only briefly discussed in this course. For full 12-lead coverage, we direct you to our Advanced 12-lead ECG Course | 30 hours Cat I CME.)

To begin the course, please click below on “Module 1:  Rhythms Introduction”.  You will not be allowed to skip forward in the course until each section and quiz has been completed.

To pick up where you left off, please scroll down to the Module which does not contain a green check and click on it.  Then scroll to the Topic under which you left off where you do not see a green dot and click on it.  Alternately, you may use the navigation menu to the left of this page.  

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