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Revised July 9th, 2023

Are you tired of struggling to read a 12-lead ECG?

Then welcome to Dr. Stanley’s ECG Course! We invite you to explore our online 12-lead ECG & Cardiac Rhythm Courses to help improve your ECG and Rhythm reading skills. Whether you are a seasoned medical provider or a student just getting started, our ECG Courses offers affordable 12-lead ECG (EKG) interpretation instruction courses which are delivered to your home and may be taken at your time, pace and convenience.

Why choose Dr. Stanley’s ECG Courses?

  • Quality Category I CME & Nursing CE: Dr Stanley’s ECG Courses carry up to 58 hours of Category I CME and nursing CE!
  • Basic to Advanced Levels of Learning: We provide many options for learning to read ECG Rhythms, STEMI (ST Elevation MI) and 12-lead ECG interpretation training from Basic to Advanced levels as well as ECG Review courses.  Compare All our 12-lead ECG & Rhythm Courses.
    • Advanced 12-lead ECG Interpretation Course: 30 Hours Cat I CME/CE.  This is the original 12-lead ECG Course that started it all! The 12-lead ECG Course is our most popular and comprehensive course that covers reading the 12-lead ECG from STEMI, LVH, Bundle Branch Blocks, WPW, normal patterns & more! Finally learn to analyze ECGs and not just memorize crucial checkpoints of reading the 12-lead ECG.
    • Animated Rhythm Course:  6 hours Cat I CME/CE.  Perfect for Board Review and Pre-ACLS preparation!  This course provides 26 animated rhythm tutorials.  Each animated rhythm allows you to visually follow the development of the Rhythm waveform and color codes the electrical signal in the heart with the waveform that is produced on the rhythm strip. The rhythms course also provides optional audio files for supplementary learning.
    • 50 Online ECG Case Study Course: 13 hours Cat I CME/CE.  Exclusively online.  The 50 ECG Case Study Course provides a wonderful review of 12-lead ECG and some common Rhythm patterns.  Each ECG case study present a with detailed answer explanation and magnification of the primary teaching points of each 12-lead ECG case study.
    • STEMI Review Course: 6 hrs Cat I CME/CE. Exclusively online.  The STEMI (ST Elevation MI) ECG course covers common STEMI patterns and mimics of the Acute STEMI and Non-STEMI.
    • NEW! ACLS Prep Course: 3 hrs Cat I CME/CE.  Exclusively online.  An online, condensed version of our popular Animated Rhythms Course, the ACLS Prep Course is a great “crash” course to prepare for the in-class ACLS (Advanced Life Support) ECG rhythm recognition portion or board review/recert.  Please note, this course covers ECG Rhythm recognition only. We do not cover algorithms or treatment protocols as these protocols change often and are set and determined by the AHA and ACLS board.
  • Affordability. Dr Stanley’s ECG Courses save you money.  Our online 12-lead ECG courses are priced as low as ~$10/CME hour. And we offer convenient Pay in 4 installment options by PayPal.
  • Convenience: Whether you have 5 minutes or 5 hours, Dr Stanley’s ECG courses provide convenient study from your home at your pace and schedule.
  • Excellent Customer Support: Dr. Stanley’s ECG courses all come with technical and content support for the duration of your course enrollment.  An added bonusParticipants can access the author, Dr. Stanley, directly with any ECG & Rhythm course content questions.
  • Analysis and not memorization. Dr. Stanley’s ECG courses take the unique approach of Analyzing the 12-lead ECG and rhythms pattern and not just rote Memorization.  Dr. Stanley’s many years of Electrical Engineering and 40 years of clinical experience provide the perfect blend of vector analysis and the predicted 12-lead ECG wave patterns.
  • Dr Stanley’s ECG courses are written for the following providers:  physicians, midlevels (nurse practitioners, physician associates), nurse anesthetists, exercise physiologists, nurses, EMS and paramedics, monitor techs, polysomnographers, respiratory therapists, paralegals, medical chart reviewers and students of the above medical fields.
  • Group Discounts: We offer Group Discounts to hospitals, colleges, academies and universities around the US.  For each group, we work to custom tailor a variety of options to fit your education program’s format.  Our 12-lead ECG & Rhythm courses are versatile and can stand alone or be used to supplement the instructor’s lecture.  Each 12-lead ECG or Rhythm course comes with a suggested syllabus and recommended course timeline for optimum schedule integration. We also provide an LMS dashboard for the instructor to monitor progress of each medical provider or student.  If you are an education coordinator, please submit your inquiry through our Educator Contact form.
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Finally, our customer reviews speak for themselves!  

For 20 years and counting, Dr Stanley’s ECG Course has been providing quality 12-lead ECG Interpretation and Rhythm Recognition Training to physicians, physician associates, nurse practitioners, medical providers and students all around the USA & Canada.  View our 5-star Feedback from real medical Providers

Great Customer Support

ACLS Prep Course (3 Hrs Cat I CME/CE): This was an excellent CME Course! Also, the customer support was great. I will be coming back for more courses for sure!

~ Robert S. | Medical Student

Organized Analysis

Advanced 12-lead ECG Course (30 Hrs Cat I CME/CE): Wonderful course. Helps organize sequence of analysis. Enough examples to cover the basics well. Thank you for taking the time to create this great course on line.

~ Don R. | Emergency Room MD

Excellent Refresher

50 ECG Case Study Course (13 Hrs Cat I CME/CE): Thank you so much for all of your help; all of my staff feel that this is an excellent course to both learn and refresh.

~ Jeannette T. | CME Coordinator

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